Iliza Shlesinger nue (photo instagram)

s’est prise en photo toute nue et l’a posté sur Instagram. La femme de 33 ans montre son corps très musclé !


Figured it was now or never with these gold tights.

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Every girl gets drunk and tries to take hot pictures, all while thinking "omg, no one has ever or will ever look as good as me right now." (That's what I was thinking when I took the picture to the right- really thought I was oozing sex appeal with that stare) yeah, sometimes they are Goblin pics and sometimes they turn out hot (see pic on left, probably the reason you are still reading) But again, we get so mad when women are cool with their bodies, no matter the type. There are also thousands of memes that are like "get you a girl that can do both" and it's a pic of a girl pulling a Mac truck with her teeth and then like, spinning on a pole or reading while baking or something stupid like learning and wearing heels. Next to my picture is a text from my Smokey Husky about the pic I posted earlier. Now, I would never date a man who wasn't like DOWN for me expressing myself, but that text there is what every girl needs to read from her guy. So girls? Get yourself a man (or don't, being single is totally cool) who can do both support and respect you … and also will take you for drinks and snacks. If this post bothers you, oh well. Your insecurities aren't my concern. Sorry I was doing squats while you were busy scrolling through other people's achievements. (Also? Notice I took the pic on my tippy toes? I know what a lenses does to the female body, never pose flat foot, don't be a monster. #fuckbitchesgetmoney (also notice the portrait of Blanche as a Turkish princess in the background)

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